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Shop Talk
The Shop... It's Trival

What Is Mood Moss?
A lot of people ask us about our store’s name. I can tell you that the name has stuck with me since the beginning of my career as a florist and there was never a doubt that if I ever had a shop, that’s what I’d call it. So besides being a cool flower shop, Mood Moss is a tight, thick moss which grows in clumps or mounds and has a look and feel of a velvety surface. It gives a "rich" look to a terrarium and can provide the finishing touch to any potted plant or floral arrangement and is usually available in the shop.

Location, Location, Location
New Edinburgh has always been my first choice for the location of our shop but finding the right spot wasn’t easy. After seeing potential spaces come and go before we were ready to make our move, our focus turned to Crichton Street at the former home of the “Electric Street Studio”. Though it came close, our decision swayed to a more visible corner space at 186 Beechwood Avenue, formerly The Co-Operators insurance office (now at 127 Beechwood Ave.). Our address is literally a junction for the communities of New Edinburgh, Rockcliffe Park, Manor Park, Linden Lea and Vanier. Long time residents of the area have informed us that before the construction of our plaza, the property was once residence to St-Charles Bowling Lanes. We took possession of the space on August 1st of 2004 and Mood Moss Flowers officially opened two and a half weeks later on August 19th.

Furniture Facts
Some of our permanent items in the shop have some neat history behind them. The most asked about is the bar that is our customer service counter. The unit was rebuilt for store uses, on which are fixed six hand-carved panels from Haiti by a carver named “Fede” who carved his name behind each one. He also discretely carved his name in the front portion of one panel; find it and we’ll give you a free flower. The stainless steel sink was found in a local scrap-yard and was once a laboratory sink at the University of Ottawa. Our work counter was rescued from the former “Electric Street Studio” and was one of the original counters of “Thyme & Again Catering”; we hope that it brings us the same success it brought them! The door-table was created by Eric & his wife Natalie; it was made from a door found in New Edinburgh and was actually their dining-room table for a while.

Soaps by AmberThe People
Amber Birnie
– Mood Moss is happy to introduce Soaps by Amber! Amber’s soaps are hand made using all natural ingredients; olive, sunflower, coconut and essential oils make these soaps a real treat to the skin. They are the perfect addition to any gift and they are made right down the street from Mood Moss Flowers. Soaps by Amber are available in two sizes (small $5.00 and large $10.00) and are available in lavender, peppermint, star anise and thyme as well as cinnamon scents to choose from. The purchase of these lovely little soaps supports a local artist and student.

George Popadynec – An avid photographer for over twenty years, George specializes in photographing a wide variety of those “special places” that characterize a locality within its seasonal splendors. His photographs of the Muskoka Lakes, the Ottawa Valley, and the National Capital Region have been selected by government departments and corporations to promote Canada's unique, natural treasures abroad. Mood Moss is proud to have these lovely photographs available as personal enclosure cards that reflect the changing seasons; a perfect addition to any floral gift.

Places we've been

Mood Moss is very proud to have been a decorator for the Homes for the Holidays event presented by the Hospice at Maycourt; An annual house tour of 7 venues, including 6 fabulous Ottawa homes beautifully decorated for the holidays by local florists and designers.

6th Annual “Homes for the Holidays” event for the Hospice at May Court,
November 2008. 9 Linden Terrace facing Central Park and Rideau Canal in the Glebe.

5th Annual “Homes for the Holidays” event for the Hospice at May Court,
November 2007. The home of Tracey Arnett and her family at 47 Avenue Road in Old Ottawa South.

4th Annual “Homes for the Holidays” event for the Hospice at May Court,
November 2006. The home of the Austrian Ambassador and his Family at 9 Crescent Road in Rockcliffe Park.

3rd Annual “Homes for the Holidays” event for the Hospice at May Court,
November 2005. The home of Michael & Betty Leclair at 48 Kimberwick Crescent


Our work can be seen on a weekly & bi-weekly basis at the following neighborhood locations…

Beechwood Village Chiropractic Center
61 Beechwood Avenue

Fernando Cellini Hair Salon
481 Sussex Drive


Click here to view photographs, letters and advertisements from the above events.

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